Estate Planning Mistakes Seniors (Including You or Your Parents) Can’t Afford to Make

Estate planning really should be considered as soon as you acquire your first asset, have a child, or step into adulthood in any truly meaningful way. And yet many of us put it off for far too long, leaving ourselves and our families at risk of getting stuck in the court system in the event [...]

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What You Should Know About Guardianship—In Case A Parent or Loved One Becomes Incapacitated

Whether through illness, injury, or other means, anyone can require a guardian to become appointed if they become mentally incapacitated. In such cases, if there is no estate planning in place (or insufficient planning) to keep family or other loved one’s out of court, a guardianship, or conservatorship as it is sometimes called, must be established [...]

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Ensure the Security of Your Senior Parents’ Identity and Financial Assets

Today, we live in an uber-connected world, where nearly every type of financial transaction—shopping, banking, investment management—can be made online using a computer or mobile device. In light of this, it’s critically important to have the appropriate safeguards in place to reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, especially for your senior parents. Because [...]

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Why You Should Get Estate Planning Off Your To-Do List in 2018

There are many goals most of us want to accomplish in life, and some of the most important ones center on family and money. Here is what a thoughtful estate plan can help you accomplish that involves both: Control health care decisions. Most people will die in a hospital or care facility, and many will [...]

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What to Expect From (and How to Prepare For) an Initial Estate Planning Meeting

Whether you’ve met with an estate planning attorney before or it’s your first time, it’s important to understand how working with a Personal Family Lawyer® is different than meeting with a traditional lawyer. This article will explain what’s involved with such a consultation, and it may even inspire you to meet with us to [...]

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